LB Appraisal Associates, Inc. knows about high performance standards when it comes to valuing a certified green home.

A key person in any real estate transaction is the appraiser. Need a professional that knows about LEED and Energy Star ratings? Then you need an Accredited Green Appraiser. We have been trained and tested when it comes to knowing all about high performance features in a home because we know the public wants these features to be considered in the valuation process. Being an Accredited Green Appraiser and knowing the standards of "green" home building allows LB Appraisal Associates, Inc. to be uniquely qualified to perform these valuations more efficiently and accurately.

We know that a green home uses less energy and water and has been built to standards that far exceed normal building codes. A high performance dwelling is built with a cost-effective design that uses its orientation on the site, materials and equipment to conserve nonrenewable fuels. It is our job to make sure the contribution of these items is considered in our value opinion.

Appraisers without this advanced training and knowledge could be valuing your home without the appropriate consideration of these additional "green" features. This could have an impact on the final value opinion of your property. Take advantage of our specialized training and knowledge of the specific characteristics that make a home green and how to accurately consider these features in the appraisal process.

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High performance technology in new construction as well as retrofitting an existing residence is fast becoming a building standard. We have been trained in knowing what to look for, the right questions to ask, and how to gather the appropriate data in valuing a high performance dwelling.

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