Employee Relocation Appraisal Services

Employee Relocation appraisal assignments are a significant portion of the business at LB Appraisal Associates.

During our thorough inspection, we encourage relocating employees to provide input on the positive attributes of their property along with any information about recent sales or listings in their neighborhood that they would like us to considered.

The purpose of a relocation appraisal is to accurately estimate the Anticipated Sales Price for a relocating employee's property. Therefore, it is very important that a thorough market analysis be performed if industry standards for forecasting are to be applied. That is why LB Appraisal Associates only accepts assignments in those areas where we have extensive market data resources and experience.

All relocation appraisal reports are computer generated and can be delivered in a variety of electronic and hardcopy formats.  Our committment to technology offers relocation professionals the flexibility to request, transmit, and receive service orders and status reports rapidly and at any time. 

Our primary coverage area for relocation appraisals is predominately Norfolk County and southern Middlesex County in the State of Massachusetts. Additional areas can be covered upon request. For more information on relocation services, please contact us at 781-326-3521.